MLP: FiM vs Kyoto Animation

WARNING: All Air, Kanon, and Clannad fans leave the room.

Based on 100 Reasons why Harry Potter is Better Than Twilight, this is a list of 100 reasons why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is better than KyoAni (Air, Kanon, and Clannad.)

1. MLP’s characters are multidimensional.

2. MLP teaches good values and relationships. It made important bonds between the Mane 6, rather than having the main character simply go from girl to girl.

3. MLP puts effort in its storytelling and uses only one or two episodes to tell a full story at a time. But 13 or 24 episodes for KyoAni? Too much breathing room.

4. MLP has epic bad guys, who themselves are complex and popular. (Sunset Shimmer is a much better character in Rainbow Rocks than in EG1)

5. MLP doesn’t have a bland male lead who just goes from girl to girl.

6. Stories about magical ponies going on adventures and facing off against evil magic users as well as their own mental problems totally beat ones about girls with Down Syndrome doing nothing but mundane things any day.

7. Twilight goes insane, and it’s hilarious! But what does Misuzu do? She uncontrollably breaks down when she tries to play cards with Yukito. And it’s ugly.

8. The world of MLP has lots of fanfic fuel.

9. MLP’s material was clearly researched.

10. While both MLP and KyoAni have fighting games (Fighting is Magic and Eternal Fighter Zero, respectively), the MLP fighter is much more believable because…

11. MLP has great action sequences and surprisingly epic fight scenes. (Tirek and the Changelings come to mind)

12. KyoAni’s girls don’t even try to solve their own problems.

13. There are over 9000 (punched) pairings for the MLP universe. The thought of a KyoAni girl being with somepony other than the protagonists of their respective series would cause KyoAni fans a mental breakdown.

14. Many, many MLP crossovers make sense, while a KyoAni crossover like – say, Kanon + The Avengers would NOT work. It would be very traumatizing for the girls. Not to mention they don’t have superpowers, skills, or anything. They’d get destroyed quickly.

15. “Friendship is Magic” is the overlying theme of MLP. I’m still yet to find the importance of the titles Air and Kanon.

16. Twilight Sparkle’s bonds are so unbreakable that she’d even sacrifice her magic to save her friends. This is how she gets the final key to unlock the Rainbow Power and finish Tirek.

17. The MLP characters act like how typical matured girls do, while Kanon’s are immature.

18. MLP always has at least one relatable character. But Misuzu is NOT a relatable character.

19. MLP has valuable life lessons. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. You are amazing. The Cutie Mark Crusaders have dealt with bullying multiple times. And Fluttershy taught me to face fears.

What did KyoAni teach me? If your girlfriend gets sick, abandon her and let her die. If your daughter is terminally ill, don’t deny taking her out in the snow to save her life. And when she dies, don’t bother trying to move on.

20. Ayu Tsukimiya is a coward who would let evil prevail. Fluttershy manages to overcome her fears.

21. MLP has multiple language dubs, while KyoAni only has Japanese and English.

22. MLP is about REAL friendship.

23. If the Mane 6 were in danger, they could pull off surprisingly epic fight scenes. If Ayu or Nayuki was in danger, the best she could do would be scream Yuuichii’s name and trip.

24. The typical scene from Kanon is mundane filler. FILLING UP THE TIME!

25. MLP has better villains than KyoAni: Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE, King Sombra, and Lord Tirek. All of them have their own fanbases. Sure incurable diseases are KyoAni’s excuse for villains, but as this isn’t Star Trek, invisible intangible villains won’t cut it. Plus magic would easily resolve the illness in minutes.

26. MLP: FiM has lasted longer than any of KyoAni’s shows and is still going strong. While MLP has more episodes than Air, Kanon, and Clannad combined, a single episode of MLP is higher quality than any of their entireties. In fact, the premiere of every new MLP episode is a major event. The gap between each episode and season left bronies in anticipation.

27. MLP: FiM can be enjoyed by all ages, but KyoAni is for angst-ridden teens and adults who are likely to outgrow it after watching something happy afterwards.

28. MLP fights and talks it out. KyoAni just does the latter. 50 points for MLP!

29. Misuzu can’t walk without tripping. Guess who would win outside of MUGEN: Twilight Sparkle or Misuzu Kamio. Not a hard question.

30. MLP has bronyspeak: Flank, everypony, anypony, somepony…

31. I honestly enjoyed EFZ more than I enjoyed its source material (Air and Kanon). Fighting is Magic is a lot of fun too, but its parent show remains epic!

32. Even MLP’s background characters are likeable and get their own fanfictions.

33. KyoAni fanfics feel like rehashes of their source material, while MLP has been crossed over with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING EPIC. Mega Man, Gurren Lagann, Harry Potter, The Avengers, …I could list more, but we’d be here forever.

34. That being said, there are more MLP fanfics than there are Air, Kanon, and Clannad fics put together. This is because MLP inspired creative writing.

35. Bronies like Gurren Lagann too, since just like it, MLP has action, high-quality storytelling and characters, and inspiring life lessons. Sure some KyoAni fans like Gurren Lagann too, but Bronies can easily connect TTGL to MLP.

36. While Twilight Sparkle would likely feel right at home as a Mega Man or Harry Potter protagonist, a KyoAni girl would quickly get destroyed in those series, or many other fun action epics for that matter.

37. The names of MLP’s cast are just as colorful as it is physically: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie, Octavia Melody, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, etc.

38. MLP shows that it’s okay to be yourself.

39. The three main girls’ stories in Air have no effect on each other, and only one has any effect on the ending.

40. MLP has shades of grey. In other words, it has characters that have both a bad side and a good side. Especially in the fandom.

41. The Mane 6 are all good role models for all females.

42. MLP: FiM promotes courage, the true love of friends and family, believing in yourself, and MUCH more! KyoAni promotes bystanding, teenage pregnancy, and depression.

43. While watching MLP: FiM you can and will go “Oh, so that’s why it is called Friendship is Magic!” While watching Air and Kanon I wondered why they were named so.

44. Air is about how a random hobo comes across a cursed loner. They fall in love, and when the cursed loner breaks down, he runs away and she dies from her curse. Yeah great plot.

45. MLP: FiM doesn’t throw away its characters. Sure Chrysalis and Sombra haven’t shown up again in the show, but the show leaves it up to the fanfic writers to give them a role even after they are defeated. They even show up again in the comics. Same for Trixie, who often becomes an action hero and/or Twilight’s love interest. But KyoAni threw away several of its main girls.

46. KyoAni’s shows are told from the viewpoint of the bland male lead, while MLP: FiM is told from various characters’ points of view.

47. Rainbow Dash is loyal to her friends, but Air’s MC abandons its main girl after learning about her anti-love curse.

48. MLP: FiM had been around for more than four years now and almost everypony on this Earth has heard of it and its characters. KyoAni will fade, but MLP: FiM will definitely be immortalized. My family knows I like MLP, but hasn’t heard of Air or Kanon.

49. The lives of MLP: FiM characters don’t revolve around girls who just rely on the protagonist to solve everything.

50. MLP’s cast has real human reactions to things.

51. In MLP: FiM, you’re whisked away to the magical land of Equestria where there are lots of fantastic creatures: Pegasi, Unicorns, Alicorns, hydras, Cerberus, serpents, even a draconequus. In Kanon, you wake up to a big-eyed girl who does nothing worthy of mention.

52. KyoAni girls are helpless and do not stand up for themselves. But the Mane 6 learn that friendship isn’t always easy, but it is worth fighting for.

53. MLP shows background knowledge for each important character.

54. Fighting is Magic has show-accurate movesets AND justifies them with its parent show’s action sequences and imaginative scenes. Magic is used constantly, even for mundane tasks. Also, friendship problems cause the Mane 6 to fight on occasion, thus semi-justifying FiM.

55. Far too much drama in KyoAni shows. MLP: FiM has just the right amount of drama to make it seem real.

56. Better fanfiction in MLP. Even more action and adventure that goes beyond what is in the show. MLP fanfiction is diverse, often well-written, sometimes sad, and full of opinions and differences that you don’t often find in the KyoAni fandom. Hay, MLP fanfiction even adapts popular MANime series with MLP characters in place of the original cast. Doctor Whooves and Fallout Equestria are two popular adaptations.

57. Sad Twilight Sparkle has genuine reasons to cry, while the KyoAni girls do it as emotional manipulation. Her show also manages to soften the hardest of hearts.

58. There are more Twilight Sparkle pics on Deviantart than Misuzu pics. (As of 7/2/14, 182566 and 910 respectively.)

59. MLP has more badass fan art.

60. Which one is more epic and likeable, Queen Chrysalis or Nagisa’s illness?

61. MLP has a larger variety of characters. Lots of magical and flying folk.

62. Twilight Sparkle is an independent and smart mare, while the KyoAni girls just rely on the protagonist to solve everything.

63. MLP has many more memorable songs than all of KyoAni’s shows combined.

64. Finishing a single episode of MLP: FiM is finishing a complete story that teaches you a valuable life lesson. I honestly didn’t learn anything from Air.

65. A single MLP: FiM character has more depth than anypony in KyoAni.

66. There is actually real humor in MLP: FiM.

67. MLP: FiM created its own world, while KyoAni just uses existing ones.

68. The MLP cast has believable flaws.

69. The inspiration coming from MLP makes true bronies continue watching. In fact, bronies like to watch episodes multiple times.

70. More interesting episode names in MLP. “Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, Swarm of The Century, Friendship is Magic, Owl’s Well That Ends Well” vs “Breeze, Town, Whisper, Plume”. Not a hard question.

71. The demons Mai fights are actually parts of herself. BOO!

72. Misuzu is at least 16 and the ONLY things she can think of to do are to go to the beach and play cards?!?

73. KyoAni encourages girls to submit to the first boy they meet and prevents them from becoming strong independent figures like Twilight Sparkle.

74. Saying that Misuzu, Ushio, or Nagisa dies is like saying Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father: Common knowledge. And that’s all you need to know about their respective series (Air and Clannad After Story).

75. Ponies don’t need to say “gao” or “uguu”.

76. Misuzu’s only purpose is to make you cry. Twily exists to inspire you while being a great tactician.

77. “If [a KyoAni] girl existed in real life, she’d be a terrifying little thing that any responsible adult would check into the nearest mental health institution immediately.” – Colony Drop

78. “The fun has been doubled!” Need I say more?

79. Twilight Sparkle was able to pull off Frozen’s “Let it Go” in a PMV, which would not have worked for a KyoAni girl. Need I say more?

80. MLP has real battles, physical and mental, where real action and victory took place. In KyoAni, all they have is a group of traumatized or ill girls with Down syndrome that cry a lot.

81. Bronies actually watch MLP because it is GOOD and not because they are pressured into watching it by crazy fanboys.

82. After reading moviemaster’s and Tooncrap’s reviews of EqG, I never thought I would like Sunset Shimmer, which I did upon seeing Rainbow Rocks. That sequel is much better than the first movie. As for KyoAni, one does not simply redeem a terminal illness.

83. There are clearly REAL reasons to like MLP: FiM. Not just ‘omg she is so kawaii squee! kyoto animation has great characters! if you don’t cry over them, you’re inhuman!’ In fact, the bronies know how to learn something from the show, making them more intelligent than KyoAni fans.

84. MLP: FiM is about the importance of friendship, confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. It shows all these better than KyoAni ever did.

85. MLP inspired thousands of us to give the various characters their own adventures, while staying true to the spirit of the show. What can you do to KyoAni?

86. In Eternal Fighter Zero, the KyoAni girls had to steal moves from iconic fighters. Fighting is Magic’s characters manage to be original and true to the cartoon at the same time.

87. MLP: FiM is so deeply established in the Bronies that they use the magic of friendship without realizing they aren’t unicorns or alicorns.

88. The Mane 6 are always triumphant, while the same cannot be said about the KyoAni girls.

89. MLP’s songs have had mashups with video game ones. (I know what you’re thinking. DeltaBrony comes to mind first.)

90. The MLP villains would have easily destroyed the KyoAni girls in ten seconds flat.

91. HA! Cuteness isn’t a justification for liking the MLP characters. If you ask KyoAni fans why they like KyoAni, they always say that the characters are cute and not much else. But bronies judge the MLP cast on personalities.

92. Lauren Faust took multiple years planning out MLP: FiM and it shows in the ideas, animation, imagination, and concept art.

93. All watching Clannad After Story will do is make you cry.

94. Fighting invisible demons is really miniscule compared to what Twilight has done. She’s defeated no less than five evil magic users, saved the Tree of Harmony from dying, done a Dragon Ball Z-style fight (minus the infamous filler), learned how to cast a wide variety of spells, managed to become friends with Trixie, and much, much more.

95. Romance is NOT everything. Pointed out in MLP: FiM, there ARE others important things in life.

96. KyoAni doesn’t have its own, totally awesome Mega Man game. (MegaPony and Dr. Discord’s Conquest) :p

97. What? You’re saying My Little Pony is not about love? Making very important bonds upon moving to Ponyville isn’t love? Fighting for friendship isn’t love? Helping others with their mental issues isn’t love? Sacrificing your own magic to save your captured friends isn’t love?

98. When Tomoya is introduced, he’s moping around about his life. Do I really want to follow a Debbie Downer for 50-something episodes?

99. MLP is full of popcultural references while still focusing on its storytelling.

100. 100 reasons may not be enough, but most of the content for the bronies lies OUTSIDE of MLP. Lots of fanfiction, video games, fan art, remixes, and even fanmade episodes.


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